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Why did they have an interview?

Sudden interview by Japan's famous comedians, Miyasako and Ryo
"Our president told that we(Yoshimoto Entertainment Corp., Yoshimoto Kogyo in Japanese) can conceal fraud, because our company is a shareholder of 5 TV stations in Tokyo and 5 in Osaka"

(Summary begins)
Since a few weeks ago, Miyasako and Ryo have been alleged to have relationship with gangsters. But, in an interview held in Tokyo on July 20, they revealed their company itself has problems.
When they offered to hold an interview to apologize the relationship with gangsters, the president said "You don't have to do it. It depends on me."
And, he threatened "If you have an interview, I will fire all of the comedians"
,and also said "Our company is a shareholder of 5 TV stations in Tokyo and 5 in Osaka. It's OK."
They couldn't understand what was OK.
(Summary ends)

They revealed that Yoshimoto Entertainment, a famous company hiring many comedians, can deprive freedom of speech from major TV stations in Japan.
It's scarely.