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Why do they like QR codes?

Russian-developed Faster Payments System piloted on Moscow Metro

If payment system of metro service is based on QR code, it will be slower to pass through gates than IC cards. So, I think that this system is not appropriate for congested railways. Especially for railways where passengers are queuing in front of ticket gates in some stations.

Why did he bring the data out?

Man loses USB flash drive with data on entire city's residents after night out

Finally, the lost USB was found, though CNN can't catch up with the latest news so far.
Anyway, it should be avoided to store important data on memory device like DVD, CD, or USB. They should be stored in intranet server or computer which is not allowed to bring out. Amagasaki City Office should teach employees how to save data.

But, another possibility is that he might have wanted to work home. If it's true, there is another issue.

Why do they disclose fake information?

Owners of Jumbo Floating Restaurant backtrack on sinking claims as authorities investigate

I think the floating restaurant won't be able to keep floating when encountering high tide or storm. So, it's dubious that the statement "quite uncommon" for a vessel to sink simply due to bad weather".
And also, it's also dubious that the investigation is difficult. As I introduced yesterday, there is a team investigating wreckships located at more than 6000 meters deep under sea level.

Why do they expect treasure?

Explorers find the world's deepest shipwreck four miles under the Pacific

Some people expect that there would be treasure inside sunken shipwreck. But, the fact is that most of the shipwrecks were warships sunken by attack from enemies. So, there is no reason to bring treasure on these ships.

Why are these islands livable?

A floating city in the Maldives begins to take shape

Though the article says electricity is supplied by solar power, it would be impossible to supply electricity during midnight. I guess estimation is so ambiguous that there will be many problems.
To supply water, there should be desalination system. Is it possible to install the system?
There are some doubts.