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Why don't you take up new direct flights to Middle-Eastern destination from Osaka?

Turkish Airlines to expand international network with new destinations.

International flights from Osaka to East and South East Asian countries have resumed dramatically ,except for China. But, when it comes to the routes to Middle Eastern nations, these routes seem to resume gradually. Ethihad resumed Osaka-Abu Dhabi , and Turkish Airline resumed Osaka-Istanbul as the article says.

Why is this Shenyang Metro Line rare?

(Shenyang Metro Line 4 will begin operation in the 2nd half of the next month)

Since the article is old, the article says "will begin operation". But, it has already opened.
The line connects Shenyang North Railway Station and Shenyang South Railway Station, and passes through Taiyuanjie Station(The station next to Shenyang Railway Station).
It's rare to see single metro line connects North, South, and main railway stations in China.

Why don't you focus on a new metro in Zhengzhou, China?

Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 opened yesterday

Since there is no English page refering to the opening, I pasted the link to Wikipedia page.
The section between Lüchengguangchang and Zhengzhou Railway Station could be quadruple tracks with Zhengzhou Metro Line 1.
This metro line 10 will be extended to Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport. But, it seems to be a minor airport in Zhengzhou.

Why do they prohibit diesel trains?

MTA Metro-North Railroad orders electro-diesel locos

I didn't know that diesel trains are prohibited to run in New York’s Grand Central and Penn stations. It means it will be impossible to run trains through unelectrified railway lines. It will be obstacles when reusing freight lines around New York.

Why was an extension plan of Baltimore Metro canceled?

Next-generation Baltimore metro car unveiled

Rather than installation of the new metro fleet, the fact that the extension plan of Baltimore Metro has been cancelled is much more impressive. Even though population in the US is increasing, the population in Baltimore has been decreasing since 1960s, though I don't know if it's one of the reasons that discouraged authorities to extend metro line.

Why is GTX Line in Seoul unique one?

Testing begins on Seoul GTX Line A

High Speed Rails for daily commuters can be seen in China. But, I guess it's the first case in terms of commuter trains share the high speed railway tracks with long distance high speed trains.