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Why can they live under high pressure?

World's deepest octopus, complete with Dumbo ears, captured on film 4 miles below the surface

We tend to think that creatures living deep in the ocean must look like strange. But, this discovery shows fishes we can see in shallow oceans can exist there.
I'm interested in the difference of characteristics of the creatures that look similar to octopus.

Why are they still using out-of-date systems?


Recently, it's significant that developed countries are using out-of-date systems, while developing countries are using the latest IT systems. It shows how fast these countries are developing technically. But, considering heavy expense on welfare systems in developed countries, it would be difficult to invest a lot of money to promote installation of IT systems.

Why is the early lockdown the reason?


Since early lockdown is not the only characteristic of Vietnam's measures for COVID-19, I guess there would be another critical reason why there are few death tol in East Asia. Experts should pursuit the genuine reason why a few nations succeeded to prevent pandemic.
Foods consumed in these areas would be keys to find that. They should research on chemical reactions between the virus and ingredients contained in them.

Why does the train run at such high speed?

Caltrain’s first Stadler EMUs on test

I'm appreciated with the publication of EMUs used for Caltrain. I wondered why their maximum speed is 177km/h, while the current train on Caltrain Line is 127km/h. I guess there would be improvement of service times by raising maximum speed as well as faster acceleration.

Why are they speaking foreign language?

With tourists gone, Amsterdam locals reclaim their city

It's interesting that people in Amsterdam had used English at shops in case of the tourists from foreign countries.
As is often the case with areas where borders of dialects or languages traverse in their vicinities, people try to speak common languages even with neighborhoods to prevent failure of communication.
For example, many young people in and around Nagoya try to speak normal Japanese, due to similar situation.

Why are strange phenomena often happening in India?

Indian yogi who claimed he lived without food or water dies of ‘old age’

Phenomena which are not consistent with scientific theory often happen in India. On TV, I've seen that a therapist was calling to God through a phone which looks like toy, and then cured a patient by removing tens of metal needles from the patient. It was also recorded in India.
I wonder why strange things like this can happen.