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Why was he there?


Though I don't know who chose this place, this would not be suitable for reporters to broadcast something. This incident is not the only case that placed reporters in dangerous area. When typhoon or hurricane approaches, TV reporters try to stand under extreme weather to show how strong wind is and how heavy rain is. If TV station wants to show them, they should do that by panning through window from inside a building.

Why wouldn't the rail be electrified?


As is often the case with industries struggling with environmental issues, reduction of income decelerates projects related with environmental issues. For each company, those projects won't affect corporate governance directly, and then they are not prioritized in the case of emergency. So, it must be an important role for each government or autonomous unit to design the scheme to encourage companies to implement environmental plans even when they are suffering from financial issues.

Why are they made of woods?

Has the wooden skyscraper revolution finally arrived?

Timber building would be suitable for areas where natural disaster rarely happens and would rarely be attacked by termite. Otherwise, this kind of building can't be used long.

Why is China supporting Tokyo 2020?

Tokyo 2020: China stands with the IOC and will not follow Canada and Australia in requesting Olympic Games postponement

If China agrees with postponement or cancellation of Tokyo 2020, the country will be blamed for accelerating infection of the virus. That would be one of the reasons why China is supporting Tokyo 2020. The other reason would be a huge donation of the masks from Japan, which placed China on the pro-Japan position.

Why are they using the anti-traditional style?

Japan asked the international media to change how we write their names. No one listened

The first name-surname style is so common in Japan that I was told to correct the first surname-name style on English report by my professor.
Then, he understood that there is a recent trend of the first surname-name style in English. But, he refused to allow me to use the style. I don't remember why he said that.

Why can they live so long?

Where to see the oldest living things on Earth

The article shows the oldest living thing is not always bigger one, though it's common to hear that bigger creatures can live longer than smaller ones.
Even human beings who can live with help of medical care can live less than 120 years. It's interesting to hear that some creatures can live for such a long time without medical care.