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Hankyu declared participating in Naniwasuji-Line plan


Naniwasuji Line is the proposed line connecting Shin-Osaka and Namba via North Umeda(Kita-Umeda or Umekita).
Prefecture Government, City Government, JR ,and Nankai consented to the contents of the plan.
And also, Hankyu declared participation in the committee.

Naniwasuji Line is from North Umeda, the former freight yard that will be reconstructed by JR West to begin passenger service. The line reaches Namba along underground of Naniwasuji street ,and its total length is 6.5km. At Namba, The line will be connected to both Nankai and JR. Nakanoshima Station may be added on the line. Since the line extends to Shin-Osaka as a branch of Tokaido Line, it is also expected to serve as a route to connect Shin-Osaka and Kansai International Airport.
Though the plan had been discussed before 2014, earnest discussion has been continued since 2014.
Construction cost is estimated to be 40 billion Yen. The line will be constructed by a third sector and license will be issued to Nankai,and JR operates the line with Nankai.
In the current plan, local governments, JR, and Nankai will pay 150 billion Yen respectively. The reason why discussion has been prolonged is that JR and Nankai had quarrel about which one must be authorized to operate the section between North Umeda and Nakanoshima. As a result, Nankai decided to pay for usage fee for JR.

Furthermore, Hankyu unveiled its participation in the plan. The purpose was to construct the line between Juso and North Umeda. The line will be built as 1435mm gauge to enable through service to JR or Nankai. Juso station will be built as an underground station.