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Why did they change diagram?

Japan's JR group's simultaneous diagram revision in March, 2018

(Translation begins)
JR East
・During morning time, through trains to Musashino Line from Tokyo will be added.
・During midnight, One train on Musashino Line will be added
・High Speed Trains "Asama" "Hayabusa" will be added
・"Airport Narita" will be renamed as "Rapid"

(Chiba region)
・Some sectional trains from Soga will be abolished
・Between Tateyama and Awa-Kamogawa, Mobara and Katsuura, some trains will be abolished.

(Mito Region)
・Some trains will be shifted to peak hours on Suigun Line.

(Niigata Region)
・Some rapid trains between Arai and Niigata will be between Naoetsu and Niigata.

JR Central
・In the holidays' morning, trains departing from Kariya for Nagoya will be added
・Rapid trains will be replaced with Regional Rapid
・Extra train from Nagoya to Tokyo will be added. It enables us to reach Tokyo 6 minutes earlier than the current train.

JR East
・2 more Special Rapid Service for Osaka-bound on Biwako Line will be added on holidays in the morning

■JR Hokkaido
・Diagram was arranged to allow us to stay more in Shin-Totsukawa Station

■JR Shikoku

■JR Kyushu
・Semi Express trains will be replaced with regional express trains
・Daily rapid or local trains will be 2615 trains, decreased from 2702 trains

(Translation ends)