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Travel Diary on January 4, 2018

Today's purpose is just to go back to Japan.
We headed for Vladivostok station to take airport express.
DSC_2753 posted by (C)gozami
Interior of the airport express

The train departed.

Russian Railways ТЭМ7А series in Pervaya Rechka.Sta, Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia /Jan 3, 2018
From the train, we could see many locomotives like this

Russian Railways ТЭМ7 series in Vtoraya Rechka.Sta, Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia /Jan 4, 2018
And this

IMG_5473 posted by (C)gozami
Station nameplate of an intermediate station

IMG_5489 posted by (C)gozami
A vehicle was running on Amur Bay

IMG_5503 posted by (C)gozami
Say goodbye to Siberian Railway

IMG_5505 posted by (C)gozami
Soon arriving at Vladivostok International Airport

IMG_5506 posted by (C)gozami
This dotted electric signage displayed only current time

IMG_5508 posted by (C)gozami
Vladivostok International Airport station

Russian Railways ЭДС1Р series in Vladivostok International Airport.Sta, Artyom, Primorsky Krai, Russia /Jan 4, 2018
This is the train we boarded

We walked to arrival hall of the airport

DSC_2759 posted by (C)gozami
Matryoshka dolls in Matryoshka doll

We passed through passport control and baggage inspection.

DSC_2770 posted by (C)gozami
Each souvenir shop has each doll like this

Though Vladivostok-bound aircraft had few passengers, Tokyo-bound aircraft was full of passengers.
Seen from the aircraft, coast along Sea of Japan was covered with snow.
But, Narita International Airport had no snow as usual.

From the airport, we took bus for Tokyo station, and ate sushi for dinner.