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ホアヒンのソンテウ路線図(Hua Hin Songtheaw Map)

Hua Hin Songthaew Map

Route 1(Green Line): Khao Takiab <–> Hua Hin Airport
Body color: green songthaews
Operation time : 6:00 ~ 21:00
Frequency: every 15 minutes
Fare: 10 baht(6:00~19:00)
15 baht(19:00~21:00)
20 baht(6:00~19:00, passing through Hua Hin Night Market)
25 baht(19:00~21:00, passing through Hua Hin Night Market)

Route 2(Red Line): Surround Inner City
Body color: red and white
Operation time : 18:00~21:00
Frequency : every 10 minutes
Fare: 10 baht

Route 3(Orange Line): Maegep <–> Makro
Body color: orange songthaews
Operation time : 18:00~21:00運行
Frequency: every 15~30 minutes
Fare: 30 baht(Entire route)
20 baht(Sectional use)

Route 4(Gray Line): Hua Hin Railway Station <–> Huay Mongkol
White songthaews
Operation time : 8:00~17:00
Frequency: Every 1 hour(Weekdays)
Every 40 minutes(Holidays)
Fare: 20 baht
40 baht(passing through Floating Market)