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Sotetsu 20000 series train was transported to Kashiwadai Depot

The train has been manufactured for enabling Sotetsu to begin through service to Tokyu or JR after 2019. With conventional trains, it is impossible to run through these rail companies due to different signalling systems.

By the end of July, The fleet was manufactured
at Hitachi's Kasado Plant in Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi.
On August 1, it was transported from the plant to Atugi station's sidings.
At the rear end of the cars, Sou-nyan, the stuffed animal character of Sotetsu, was placed as if it was a train conductor.

On August 2, it ran through Sotetsu Line to store at Kashiwadai Depot.

It's impossible to see that, because it is strictly confined in train shed whose entrance is barred.