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Why do they repeat the same tragedy?


It's a big social experiment to justify which is safer with guns or without guns.
Compared with countries where citizens are not allowed to own guns without special permission, countries where guns are common tools for citizens are safer?
The webiste below show the result.
America’s unique gun violence problem, explained in 17 maps and charts - Vox

Obiviously, gun-related crime increases proportional to gun ownership both inside and outside US.
It means ban on owning guns must decrease gun-related crime rate.
Then, gun supporters like NRA will claim "There are many ways to kill human beings. Even without guns, there will still be crime at the same rate"

To show evidence denying it, please refer to the table named "Police are more likely to be killed in homicides in states with more guns" on the website above.
Higher gun ownership states kill more policemen. The cause of their death also includes accidents which weren't triggered by guns.

So, guns must be banned in terms of preventing crimes.
People's lives that will be vanished by guns in the future depend on Republicans courage to turn down NRA's donation and enforce gun control law.