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台湾の鉄道駅別乗降客数ランキング(List of busiest train stations in Taiwan)

※Data is on daily basis,and is basically collected in 2016. If there aren't data of the number of alighting passengers, the number of ridership is calculated by doubling the number of riding passengers.

Rank/順位 Station(English) 駅名(日本語) ppl/乗降客数 footnote/脚注
1st Taipei 台北 523,066
2nd Banqiao 板橋 143,750
3rd Ximen 西門 142,859
4th City Hall(Taipei) 市政府(台北) 117,397
5th Kaohsiung 高雄 104,143
6th Zhongxiao Fuxing 忠孝復興 98,316
7th Xinzuoying 新左営 96,286
8th Tamsui 淡水 79,592
9th Xinpu 新埔 78,865
10th Zhongshan(Taipei) 中山(台北) 76,866
11th Zhongxiao Dunhua 忠孝敦化 75,543
12th Jiantan 剣潭 74,521
13th Songshan(Taipei) 松山(台北) 73,814
14th Nanjing Fuxing 南京復興 72,826
15th Dingxi 頂溪 72,811
16th Songjiang Nanjing 松江南京 71,701
17th Zhongxiao Xinsheng 忠孝新生 66,922
18th Xinwuri(HSR Taizhong) 新鳥日(高鐵台中) 66,020 Sum of TRA and HSR
19th Guting 古亭 64,775
20th Gongguan 公館 63,985
21st Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正記念堂 62,694
22nd Shipai 石牌 62,156
23rd Taipei 101/World Trade Center 台北101/世貿 61,028
24th Longshan Temple 龍山寺 59,323
25th Shilin 士林 58,249
26th Taoyuan(TRA) 桃園(台鉄) 58,111
27th Zhongli 中壢 57,240
28th Fuzhong 府中 56,582
29th Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center 南港展覧館 55,593
30th Xingtian Temple 行天宮 54,919
31st Yongan Market 永安市場 53,810
32nd Taizhong(TRA) 台中(台鉄) 53,734
33rd Tainan(TRA) 台南(台鉄) 53,051
34th Yuanshan 圓山 52,888
35th Dongmen 東門 51,560
36th Jiangzicui 江子翠 51,560
37th Jingan 景安 49,713
38th Minquan West Road 民権西路 49,109
39th Zhishan 芝山 46,902
40th Taipei Arena 台北小巨蛋 46,601
41st NTU Hospital 台大醫院 46,326
42nd Shandao Temple 善導寺 44,322
43rd Shuanglian 双連 44,261
44th Nanjing Sanmin 南京三民 44,148
45th Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station 国父記念館 43,996
46th Daan 大安 43,056
47th Hsinchu(TRA) 新竹(台鉄) 42,806
48th Nanshijiao 南勢角 42,542
49th Haishan 海山 41,993
50th Dapinglin 大坪林 41,426
51st Far Eastern Hospital 亜東医院 40,537