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Why was it prefered to train?

The Boring Company to build Chicago O’Hare airport link

Boring's plan seems to be boring for rail fan like me.
It's just a vehicle or people mover rather than train.
This vehicle is scheduled to be operated every 30 seconds. But, it would be better to operate trains every 5 mins, considering that such a frequent system would cause traffic jam, if boarding and alighting time is longer than 30 seconds.
I wish designers could plan the transportation again.

Why can't we make such a manuscript


When I knew the news about Voynich manuscript, I thought "If we write a book with strange drawings and letters, it will be discovered as mysterious manuscript 300 years later."
It would be funny, but we won't be able to see the moment it's discovered in our lives.
And, we aren't sure that it must be decoded.

Why is there such an airport


Now that Nicosia International Airport is located in United Nations-patroled buffer zone, the airport must have used for United Nations Army.
But, it has been abandoned for 44 years.
Though it is so huge for UN use, it can be used for military use.
I wonder why it's ignored.

Why is West Kowloon diferent from Hung Hom?


I wonder if it's the first time to enforce Chinese governance in Hong Kong's train station. Hung Hom, the current terminus of long distance trains between Mainland China and Hong Kong also has the same border inspection system with West Kowloon, the disputing new terminus.
Though Hung Hom is not announced to be under Chinese sovereignty, West Kowloon is now announced to be a part of Chinise territory.
It means there is no freedom of speech on the platforms in West Kowloon?

Why was the gauge changed

North Korean railway line opens

It seems to be common in Korean Peninsula to replace narrow gauge rail with standard gauge rail.
Suwon-Incheon Railway is one of those examples. It had been operated as narrow gauge until 1990s. After construction of standard gauge rail, it reopened in 2010s.

Now that most of the railways in Korean Peninsula are standard gauge, it would be better to convert remaining special gauge into standard gauge for through service.

Why is it difficult to sell environmentally favored concrete?

This concrete can trap CO2 emissions forever

How much it costs to produce concrete is an important factor to make it common to use that concrete.
If it's not competitive price with conventional concrete, it will be difficult to overwhelm the latter.

It's possible to impose tax on conventional one to make the new concrete competitive. But, who distinguishes the new one from the conventional one to prevent injustice?
It's difficult to compose the system.