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Why don't they feel sympathy?

Inspiring photo of Afghan woman taking university exam while nursing child goes viral

If it's broadcasted in Japan, she will be backlashed by those saying
"Why did the supervisor allow her to take exam with her baby?
It violates regulation of the exam."
"Baby's crying must have disturbed the other applicants. How annoying!"
"Breastfeeding in public means to show off her naked breasts in public. It is out of moral."

When we consider that some people criticized suddenly born child on train on Joban Line on the other day, we can easily imagine response about the article.
What a pity!

It will be important to create society where ladies can bear children without concerning social response.

Why is it important for criminals to have social lives while in prison?

Humane prison to bring Greenland's most dangerous criminals home

One of the reasons why criminals committed crimes is said to be how they relate with society.
Though humane prison will give them chance to have a contact with real society, it's meaningless as long as they don't know how to communicate with society.
So, before letting them mixed with society, it would be necessary to teach them how to spend social lives.

Why don't you exercise for your brain?


We tend to think that exercising is good for health but has nothing to do with brain. But, the research on the article seems to deny the mindset.
When it comes to maintain cognitive ability, we try to stimulate brain by dealing with information like studying or memorizing. I guess it's not the bad approaching but not sufficient one. As well as informational way, we should protect brain by physical way. In other words, it is to keep a good circulation by exercising.
For me, it is surprising news, because I've never devoted to sports activities in the long term. I should make it a rule to exercise on a weekly basis.

Odakyu 70000 series debut & Odakyu timetable revision(小田急70000系営業開始と小田急ダイヤ改正)

Today was the date that Odakyu, the major private railway around Tokyo revised timetable and installed new train set "Odakyu 70000 series" also named "GSE".

Sum of the time table revision is listed below.
・Commuter Semi Express and Commuter Express during morning time were launched.
・Rapid Express began to stop at Noborito.
Tama Express was altered by Rapid Express or Express, offering direct service to Shinjuku, the sub downtown of Tokyo.
・Semi Express during daytime began to run between Toride and Mukogaokayuuen through Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, instead of conventional Tama Express.
・Semi Express began to stop at Komae, Soshigaya-Ohkura, and Chitose-Funabashi.
・Odakyu 70000 series(GSE) were added to train sets of Odakyu Limited Express service.

So, I took a picture of Odakyu 70000 series(GSE) at Kyodo.
Odakyu 70000 series in Kyodo.Sta, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan /Mar 17, 2018

Why wooden buildings are promoted?


Many people will concern about deforestation caused by building plyscrapers, the tallest buildings made by woods.
But, it's not the case in Japan, where tons of cedar trees were planted after World War 2 to supply a lot of woods for construction. That's because cedar trees can grow more rapidly than conventional trees.
But, when alternative woods began to be imported from developing countries wth cheaper price, these planted trees are left behind and began to destroy ecosystems in Japan's forests ,where Broad-leaved trees had been dominant.
So, use of cedar trees is now promoted to preserve original forest environment in Japan.
Plyscrapers would contribute to the issue.

Why was there no one who preserved the couple?

Body of Nobel winner's wife found at Illinois landfill

I thought that elderly people approaching death should be monitored carefully. Especially, when they got dimentia.
They are likely to stroll somewhere without clear destination nor motivation.
If they are unable to walk by themselves, they have less possibility to walk somewhere. But, if they have sound body, they are potential to go somewhere without notifying anybody.