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Why do kids check their weight?

Kids as young as 5 concerned about body image

I remember that girls in my classroom were embarrassed to show their results of physical strength check, when I was younger than 10. That's because it included weight data.
It means that they had already been able to concern about their shape through weight data, instead of how they actually look.

That's affected by their mothers, who measures their weight everyday?
We can't look down on their observation skills.

Why are there much more suburban trains?

Qingdao opens Line 11

Recent trend among China's metro is inauguration of suburban rails. It means each metro company can afford to build suburban railways after mitigating traffic jam in downtown area.
Like Japan or Seoul, rapid trains will be needed to offer better service for people living far away from downtown. Rapid train is a sort of train which skips some of the intermediate stations to shorten travel time.

Why don't you take train for Czech ski resort?


Harrachov seems to be ski resort for Czech citizens(and also for Polish?).
So, Will there be storage for ski gear on the train to let ski goers board the train conveniently?

By the way, It just takes 2 hours to get to Harrachov from Praha by vehicle.
Is the train compatible with private cars?

Why do we have to pay attention to open air bath?


The title reminds us of bathroom located on the edge of higher floors in the tallest buidlings to let guests enjoy skylines.
But, the article also includes bathtub surrounded by forest. It's totally good, but has some problems. I've seen this type of bath many times.
The reason?
PLease remember that Japan has way many open air bath.

Open air bath is similar to the bathtub introduced on the section of Pumphouse Point (Tasmania, Australia).
The problems are below
・Insects may dip into bathtub
・It's visible from outside without sufficient enclosure
・It's not usable under bad weather such as storm or low temperature.

If you plan to build or to visit open air bath, please mind them.

Why is it possible to bring baggage into cabin of densed seats as usual?


Many people will focus on seat arrangement at a reduced pitch, round seat, and how much it is to board. But, a problem I came up with is that "Is it possible to stow all of the belongings into overhead cabins" Even if there are more seats on the aircraft, the room for baggage storage is still the same. It means it's much more difficult to bring baggage into cabin. So, weight limit for free baggage will be lowered from 10kg to 5 or 7kg. Backpackers will have to pay attention to their belongings.

Why does the train go for trials far away?


The train seems to begin test running in Czech. It seems strange that rolling stocks manufactured in Italy cannot carry out test running in the country.
Otherwise, it's much cheaper to use the circuit in Czech?

And, the funniest thing I found on the article is the title "Trenitalia’s first Rock rolls"
It reminds us of Rock'n roll from "Rock rolls".
Is it what the auther intended?