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Why is it the full opening of Osaka Higashi Line?

Direct rapid service will connect Nara and Shin-Osaka with 60 mins after full opening of Osaka Higashi Line in spring of 2019.

(Translation begins)
On November 13th , JR West announced diagram and fare of Osaka Higashi Line, which is scheduled to open completely between Kyuhoji and Shin-Osaka with 20.3km tracks in the next spring.

Installation of Direct rapid service to connect Shin-Osaka and Nara with about 1 hour will improve usability.
On weekdays, Direct rapid service running from Kansai Line via Kyuhoji in Yao, Osaka,
is scheduled to run with 4 inbound trains in the morning and 4 outbound trains in the evening, prepared for commuters.
On Saturdays and holidays, it would promote sightseeing and shopping by launching 2 trains on each direction in the morning and those in the evening.
Direct rapid service will also stop at JR Kawachi-Eiwa in Higashi-Osaka, Osaka , which is the interchange station with Kintetsu Nara Line. The fare will be 920 Yen between Nara and Shin-Osaka.
Local trains connect Kyuhoji and Shin-Osaka with 35 mins.
There will be 4 Local trains per hour, except for early in the morning and midnight. After full opening of the line, 110 thousands passengers are estimated to use.

Osaka Higashi Line made its initial opening between Kyuhoji and Hanaten in Tsurumi Ward, Osaka, on March, 2008 with 9.2km tracks.
Before opening of the 11.1 km section between Shin-Osaka and Hanaten in the next spring, Minami-Suita station on the newly opening section was publicized.
(Translation ends)

Though the article says "It's full opening of Osaka Higashi Line", it's scheduled to extend to Kita-Umeda. And, the section between Kita-Umeda and Shin-Osaka is under construction.

Why does Trump just have nearsighted strategies?

The trade war is pushing business out of China, but not into America

It shows how insufficient Trump policy is. He seems to be concentrated on one thing rather than overviewing the entire environment.
Even when it comes to trade with Japan, he pointed out how many Japan's cars are running in the United States, and that Japan has to import much more American vehicles.
But, it's just the result of the intercorporate competition between US and Japan. In other words, Japan's automobile companies are producing more favorable cars for consumers than US companies do.
Then, he should have to do is not to cause trade war, but to encourage Japan's auto engineers to work in such US companies.
He should think about what to do for longer time.

Why are they irritated with such a thing?

Backlash on S.Korea becomes intense in Japan amid some incidents.

After exposure of Korean actors of BTS's T-shirt on which atomic bomb in Hiroshima was painted and the incident that sweatshop workers' demand for unpaid wage during Japan's sovereignty in Korea, some nationalists insist complete disruption of diplomatic affair between Japan and South Korea.
When I explained how bad effects there would be after such a disruption on twitter, those extremists tried protesting against me with the statements to slam S.Korea.

It's a serious problem running in Japan that mass media trys to backlash South Korea on trivial issues.

Why is North Korea still intimidating?

Kim Jong Un tests 'high-tech' weapon in message to the US

What Kim wants is stability of its dictatorship. If North Korea opens market to other countries and people there become richer and richer, it endangers Kim's dignity. It's easy to imagine what happened to Taiwan and South Korea under economic growth.
So, in order to persuade Kim into mitigating provocative diplomacy, it would be needed to show Kim how to ensure his position clearly even after liberation of North Korea.

Why do they focus on tourism?

Emirates Palace spends about $130,000 a year replacing gold ceiling

Though UAE trys to diversify its industry to avoid strong dependence on oil industry, the country seems to depend on tourism gradually.
It's also risk for the nation, considering the case that airports in the country are forced to close, due to disasters or something like that.
So, the nation should think about how they can attract international human resources around the world to divert them to work in UAE.

Why Jumeilah monorail needs extension?

Dubai takes delivery of first Route 2020 metro train

Dubai Metro seems to extend constantly. But, the problem is that it's not connected with Jumeilah monorail. Though the line is accessible from Dubai Tram, we need to change trains twice from stations on Red Line.
I wish there would be extension of the monorail to a metro station.