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Busan Metro announcement in English, Japanese, and Chinese

The train bound for Nopo, Nopo is now arriving.
Nopo, Nopo方向的列车马上就要进站了

Next stop is Minam, Minam. The last station. You can transfer to Line number 3. Please make sure all your belongings with you, when you leave the train, thank you.

Why do they repeat the same tragedy?


It's a big social experiment to justify which is safer with guns or without guns.
Compared with countries where citizens are not allowed to own guns without special permission, countries where guns are common tools for citizens are safer?
The webiste below show the result.
America’s unique gun violence problem, explained in 17 maps and charts - Vox

Obiviously, gun-related crime increases proportional to gun ownership both inside and outside US.
It means ban on owning guns must decrease gun-related crime rate.
Then, gun supporters like NRA will claim "There are many ways to kill human beings. Even without guns, there will still be crime at the same rate"

To show evidence denying it, please refer to the table named "Police are more likely to be killed in homicides in states with more guns" on the website above.
Higher gun ownership states kill more policemen. The cause of their death also includes accidents which weren't triggered by guns.

So, guns must be banned in terms of preventing crimes.
People's lives that will be vanished by guns in the future depend on Republicans courage to turn down NRA's donation and enforce gun control law.

Why don't you eat food whose chicken was just alternative?


Among Japanse right-winged people, simple foods served in Pyeongchang were slammed by them.
(Actually, they weren't foods served there. They misunderstood the images were taken in Pyeongchang, but were actually taken in Japan by Japanese Youtuber who is famous as lower socio economic standings)

In fact, what is famously served in Pyeongchang would be Dak-galbi. Even in Japan, it became famous after expansion of "cheese dak-galbi".
But, it's pity of people in Chuncheon that most people(including me) outside S.Korea wouldn't know how the food was invented.
The mindset that chicken can be replaced with pork would be suggessive one. In general, to lower the cost of the entire system, it's better to replace the most expensive part with cheaper one which has similar feature with the conventional part. It can be applied to everything

Why monorail now?

CRRC unveils new-generation monorail train

More than half a century ago, monorail was envisaged to replace subway systems. But, it hasn't overwhelmed momentum of subways yet.
So, I think it's unreasonable for CRRC to newly develope rolling stocks of monorail.
Do they foresee prosperity of monorails?
I'd like to know why.

Why don't they see the world that is unfavorable for North Korean Regime?

What North Korea's Olympic delegation saw for the first time

While the delegation from South Korea is barred from free Internet, they will see many things on their ways from Seoul to Pyeongchang. Some of them may be what communist parties in North Korea would want to restrict.
Especially, if they were to see anti-North Korean Regime Activists or advertisement, it will be the most impressive thing for them.

Why don't you take the first metro in Sydney?

Sydney metro train on test

If someone who is ignorant of rail systems in Sydney reads the article, he/she would think that Sydney has no urban rail systems or just has tram networks.
The fact is that Sydney already has both urban rail systems and tram line. So, the metro will supplement the conventional systems.