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Tobu 1800 series train ran for the last time(東武1800系ラストラン)

Tobu 1800 series train is the train owned by Tobu Railway, one of the major private railways in Japan.
The trains were manufactured for Express "Ryomo" from 1969 to 1987.
But, they has become obsolete more than 30 years since its debut .
Except for the one left for charter, all of the 1800 series trains were remodeled or dismantled.
The last train for charter also had to end its operation.

I went to Ushida.Sta to take pictures of the train
Tobu 1800 series in Ushida.Sta, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan /May 20, 2018
The train came

Tobu 1800 series in Ushida.Sta, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan /May 20, 2018 (No.2)
Seen from the back

Tobu 350 series in Ushida.Sta, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan /May 20, 2018
350 series also passed through the station

Why do they imitate richer people?

Amalia Ulman's Instagram performance exposed the flaws in selfie culture

Though SNS like Instagram urges users to behave as if they were affluent people, it must have contributed to economic growth because of their activities.
So, SNS has contributed to our society in terms of economy.
But, many people wonder if it has enriched us in terms of psychology.
That is "Being forced to be rich, even though it's not the reality when it comes to income."

Before we start SNS, it would be better for us to fully understand "I am one, he/she is another".

Why don't you pay attention to water?


Basically, if you remember "tap water is not drinkable without boiling", you won't get sick caused by water contamination.
In addition to it, it's scientifically shown that pool water is more polluted than water in toilet.
So, if you swim in pool, you must keep in mind that so as not to drink it easily.
We can not tell how water is polluted by how it looks!

Why do they focus on FGT now?

Kintetsu struggles on Free Gauge Train

(Translation starts)
Kintetsu, One of the major private railways in Japan, unveiled their plan to research on Free Gauge Train, which can runs through different gauge tracks.
According to ministry of Land and Transportation, it's the first time for private railways to announce it. Kintetsu has the longest rail networks in major private railways in Japan, including a couple of gauges. To enhance usability by avoiding changing trains, the company focused on FGT.
Kintetsu envisages Limited Express connecting Kyoto and Yoshino, 83km long. Kashiharajingu-mae, an intermediate station is the station, where gauge changes from 1435mm to 1067mm, and then approximately 10 thousands passengers change trains everyday by way of underground passage.
Through trains will shorten travel time from current 100mins to 90mins.
(Translation ends)

I guess it will be the long way for Kintetsu to do it, because even national institute has failed to develop FGT.
And, I wonder why Kintetsu can afford to research on it, even though it dismissed many branching railways.

Why is it always bad?


It won't be better for Moon Jae-in to hurl bottles in which intimidating messages against Kim Jong-Un regime is written.
But, it won't be an issue to hurl ones filled with rice, seeds, or any other kind of commodities used in daily lives. That has nothing to do with criticism on North Korean regime.
Rather than that, it even helps general people in North Korea.

Instead of making them stop sending all the bottles forcefully, it would be better to check items inside the bottles before hurling them.
Just sending food or commodities is the same as UNICEF does in developing countries.

Why it's not cost-effective to build solar panels on desert?

Morocco's megawatt solar plant powers up

One of the problems with building solar plants on desert is that solar panels won't be able to generate enough electricity when they are covered by sand after sandstorm.
I've heard that it's not cost-effective to build solar plants on dessert, if they need cleaning frequently.

When we build solar panels, we will have to make sure how often we have to clean solar panels.