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Why was the railway built as a single track?

A legacy of lunacy haunts Kenya's old railway. Will China's $3.6B line be different?

I wonder why it was built as the single track railway. Considering it's capacity, it must have been built as double tracks.
Though it just operates 2 passenger trains and 9 trains per day, I guess the railway potentially has demand to operate 20 passenger trains. In this case, the single track can't afford to cope with such frequent trains.

Why did they accept LGBT?

Taiwan furious after China attempts to take credit for LGBT marriage win

Chinese Communist Party has long given us the impression that it doesn't like overseas trend, except for scientific technologies.
So, it's interesting that the party authorized LGBT earlier than any other countries. It shows the party doesn't choose means to insist that Taiwan is a part of China.

Why isn't California High Speed Rail attractive?

Federal funding for California high speed rail pulled

It seems to be difficult for California High Speed Rail to let American people understand how important high speed rail is for intercity transportation.
Even if people understand how short travel time becomes, they would think that it's not worthwhile investing.
Rather than that, people would worry about the decrease of passengers flying between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

So, high speed rail promoters should have insisted on how big economic impact would be after opening, and it's bigger than negative impact like less flights between the two cities.

Why is the restaurant careless about hiding crimes?

The North Korean restaurant accused by a think tank of using software sales to bypass sanctions

North Korea tries to conceal its commercial activities overseas by North Korean Restaurant, which seems to have nothing to do with North Korean authority at a glance.
But, the funniest point is the quote "CNN visited the Koryo restaurant in March and an employee confirmed that Mudo Vina owned the restaurant."
It's meaningless to reveal the relationship with the suspected company.
It shows employees at the restaurant are not strictly trained to hide connection with smuggling.

Why is it dangerous to reveal identification on the internet in Japan

A woman took a picture of three Irish men in Times Square. It took Twitter only an hour to track the lads down.

In Japan, most of the Twitter users are afraid of being tracked their identities, because those who have different opinions might attack them physically.
So, few people wouldn't say "Please take a picture of me, and post it on the internet so that I can find it someday."

Why is this warming system important?

Amsterdam trams to be fitted with collision warning system

Amsterdam is the city where tram networks are main railway transportation. So, collision between tram and people or cars will cause fatal disruption on the transportation in Amsterdam.
So, this warming system would be necessary for Amsterdam.