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Why did Carrie Lam offer resignation?

Hong Kong chief Carrie Lam offered to step down over protests

Chief Executive Officer in Hong Kong, pinched between Chinese Communist Party and democratic people in Hong Kong, would be stressful. It's extremely difficult to keep a good balance between interest of the former and of the latter.
Whoever the next leader will be, he/she will be blamed.

Why can it be easy?

Recently, I've seen advertisement of English textbook with the phrase "It's super easy to learn English" on this webpage.
The reason why such an advertisement is shown would be the quantity of my English sentences here.
But, for those who are learning foreign languages, it's impossible to learn without spending much time.
Some people say "Oh, as he/she spent childhood in the United States, he/she can speak English fluently."
This opinion would let speakers disappointed. They can speak, not because they just stayed there, but because they studied harder.
On the other hand, there are lot of people who can't speak local language, though they've lived where the language is spoken.

Why do they choose sweetheart by genetic inspection?

In Nigeria, your genetic makeup can decide if you get a second date

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to blame genetic inspection before marriage, unless medicine or remedy to cure sickle cell is invented.
The case is similar to AIDS. I wish both of them could be cured easily.

Why don't you enjoy railways in gulf nations?

Bahrain metro consultancy shortlist

Following Qatar, gulf nation of Bahrain will have urban rails.
Amid economic development among gulf nations, there would be much more rail lines there.

Why don't people apply the same criteria to everybody?

Woman was humiliated when American Airlines made her wrap a blanket over her summer outfit, lawyer says

This article reminds me of the incident that advertisement of a festival in Japan was backlashed, because it shows topless middle-aged man with chest hair.
On the other hand, a picture of topless actor on the front cover of comics was not backlashed.
This difference went viral on the internet.
As a result, handsome or beautiful people are allowed to dress as they
like, while the opposite would be blamed.

Why is the tram system necessary for Ulsan?

Ulsan tram plans announced

Ulsan is the city where more than a million people live. So, there should be an urban rail system. Though Donghae Line is scheduled to open as the urban rail from Busan, it won't be enough infrastructure for the city.
The tram system will play an important role in Ulsan.