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Travel diary
My train photoes(more than 900 worldwide!)
List of my records
List of the visited stations

Why do you all move?

How Sweden's arctic 'millipede town' Kiruna is slowly moving

I've heard some cases that residents in a town have to move due to natural phenomenon.
For example, Centralia in the state of Pennsylva became ghost town, because of coal mine fire, which has been burning even now.

Almost all of such cases have happened in countryside.
But, when it comes to megalopolis, it would be serious and it will be impossible to move all the buildings to alternative place.

Why are elephants killed?

Elephant Nature Park: Chiang Mai's most responsible animal sanctuary

Ivory is rumored to be the key to save elephants. Japan imports ivory to use it as a material of signature seals.
Though I don't know how other parts of the killed elephants are used, Japan should use alternative material to make signature seals, if elephants are regularly killed only for getting ivory.

Vladivostok station timetable(ウラジオストク駅の発車時刻表(日本式))

I summed up the timetable of Vladivostok station.(English version is on the right)
It's valid on November 19, 2017.
Vladivostok station timetable

Why is it convenient to be able to use LRT from the airport?

CAF awarded Manila rolling stock contract

The light rail, LRT Line 1 will be extended from Baclaran to Niog via Manila International Airport.
It will be useful for foreign travelers rather than catching a rip off taxi or walking all the way to the nearest Jeepney stop.
When I visited Philippines, I took a taxi for Baclaran, and the road extends from the station was so crowded that I had to get off the taxi a couple of hundreds meters from the station.

Why was the US supplanted by Germany?

Germany supplants US as the country with the best global reputation

The survey is based on governance, exports, culture, people, tourism and immigration/investment.
What kind of these factors were affected by Trump's presidence?
Though I'm not sure how his policy affected governance, at least, he must have deteriorated tourism, and immigration.
Tourism: He is an advocator of travel ban on Muslims
Immigration: He wants to restrict the flux of immigrants.
On the other hand, he trys to raise the quantity of exports.

Totally, he might have contributed to the US's drop.

Why are they easily to be slaves?

Libya opens investigation into slave auctions following CNN report

Many refugees are exposed to encounter the similar circumstances, especially when they immigrated into other countries illeagally. They can't resist everything as far as they are not protected by local police, because they will be deported to their home countries once they report something to police.

Though I can't come up with the way to remove their risks, United Nations have to think about what to do.