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Why did he get up early?

Sudden halt and power cut hit debut-day high-speed train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Oh, I realized how suffering it is to catch the first train. The first passenger left the house at 2 am, and headed for Hong Kong West Kowloon station. I wonder if there is an available bus from Funling to West Kowloon.

Anyway, Beijing-Guangzhou-Hong Kong High Speed Rail completed.
Where is the next high speed rail extending outside of Mainland China?

Why didi they choose such a route?


Trains running at 100 mph(160km/h) are not categorized into "High spped rails".
But, it's true that it is rapider than conventional trains.
The biggest problem is that the high speed rail crosses over armistice line between Israel and Palestine several times.
It will cause dispute when conflict between them becomes intense.
Designers had a chance to review its route?
It's dubious.

Why don't you use Kansai International Airport to get to Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe

Kansai International Airport began full operation on September 21th. Scheduled flights are approximately 100% of those before Typhoon Jebi

(Translation begins)
Kansai Airport Corp. announced full recovery of all the buildings on September 21th. It's been 17 days since Typhoon Jebi damaged the airport.
Along with that, almost all the restaurants and duty-free shops restarted operations.
The bridge connecting mainland and the airport, crashed into by a tanker, is scheduled to begin full operation by May in 2019. But, public transportations like airport rails and airport buses have already been in regular operation.

(Translation ends)

Still, it's the only airport in Japan that is connected with outside world only by public transportations.

Why do they use airplanes frequently?

The world's busiest airport revealed

Despite just 0.3 billion population in the United States, the reason why some airports in the United States are ranked in the busiest airports is that US citizens feel free to use airplanes and have actually no choice but to use the transportation when moving longer than hundreds of kilometers. On the other hand, along North-East Corridor, Amtrak rail networks can be alternative transportation. But, it's hard to say they are main transportation mode, because they cannot offer competitive fare against airplanes.
Without interference with railway companies by the government, it would be impossible to cause modal shift to railways.

Why have they protested against each other?

North and South Korea commit to 'era of no war'

Separation on Korean Peninsula was caused by conflicts between communism and capitalism. After the end of Cold War, China and Russia transformed their countries into actual capitalism, and has weakened attitude to support North Korea.
So, conflicts between both Koreas actually became internal issues.
So, it will be dependent on them to decide what to do about their future.

Why don't they phase out overhead cabinets?

CRRC unveils Cetrovo carbon-bodied metro vehicle

As is often the case with new trainsets running in East Asia and South East Asia, most of them omit overhead cabinets. The new trainsets on the article also omit those cabinets.
Even in Japan, where overhead cabinets on trains are still common, less and less passengers put their own baggages there. That's probably because they are easily to forget them when alighting from the trains.
On the other hand, railway companies in Japan try to enlighten people to put baggages on the cabinets.
It's interesting to see how railway companies deal with the trend.