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Why are some people blaming UK rugby team more than necessary?


It's important for us to study histories of our destinations before visiting there. But, when it comes to droping in at facilities we found by accident, it wound be impossible to do it.
Though I don't know when they decided to visit the shrine, they are likely to have been there without knowing the history of Yasukuni shrine. It means they wouldn't have political meaning for visiting there.
So, it would be better to advise them not to go there. But, it won't be better to blame them for visiting.

Why do we have to worry about space for graves?


I've heard that a person in Brasil was afraid that there would be no space of graves, if human beings continue to bear offsprings and death of them are repeated.
When I heard that, such a problem woundn't happen soon.
But, in Hong Kong, it has already been happening.
Solution seems to be putting them in houses.

Why marriage at 'appropriate age' is promoted?

Indonesia raises minimum age for marriage to curb child brides

While pregnancy of aged ladies has been an issue, developing countries are puzzled with child brides.
The former one has higher risk of bearing disabled children or dead children. On the other hand, the latter is problematic, because bearing children at younger age results in lack of education or skills of the parents.

Even if the government ignores this bill, there will be less and less children who marries after economic development.
But, it would be better to curb child brides beforehand.

Why are cables still used?

The global internet is powered by vast undersea cables. But they're vulnerable

I think undersea cables are vulnerable, considering how difficult it is to protect them from external effects.
But, unless technology to alter it is invented, we have to use those cables.

Why are there fewer people?

These Italian towns in Molise will pay you $27,000 to move there

The biggest problem that rural area has around the world is lack of attractive points as to lure young people. Concretely speaking, it's lack of job with enough salary and lack of places for shopping.
So, I think it's important for them to invite big plants or big shopping malls.