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Travel diary
My train photoes(more than 900 worldwide!)
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Why are Malaysian patriots irritated?

Malaysia eyes closing embassy in North Korea

When we think about why North Korea chose Malaysia as the place to murder Kim Jeon Nam, it's understandable that some Malaysian citizens are irritated.
The answer would be that North Korea thought criticism against the country caused by assassination in Malaysia wouldn't affect North Korean position in the world.
In other words, Malaysia had been looked down on by North Korea.

Why does CRRC want to build the train factory?

CRRC’s Springfield factory opens as Boston Orange Line cars on test

It means that shipping cost of the rolling stocks is higher than wage gap between Chinese and US workers.
Otherwise, CRRC has a plan to manufacture more trains in the United States in addition to trains in Boston.

Is there any other train manufacturers who can stop CRRC's momentum?

Why don't you learn about forgotten border station?


Canfranc International Station was a hive, when the route between France and Spain was passing through Canfranc, and grand transportation was a major mode.
But, now that much more people are using air transportation ,and grandtransportation was inherited by Perpignan–Barcelona high-speed rail line, which runs 300km eastern side of Canfranc.

To regain its fame, Canfranc International Station has to be promoted as tourist destinations and increase train frequency from Zaragoza.

鉄道駅、列車での中国語放送スクリプトまとめ(List of Chinese announcement on trains or in the stations

仙台空港駅アナウンススクリプト(英語、中国語) Announcement at Sendai Airport Station (in English and Chinese)

JR山陰線 嵯峨嵐山駅構内放送の日本語、英語、中国語スクリプト(Script of announcement on the platform of Saga-Arashiyama station along JR San-in Line in Japanese, English and Chinese)

九州新幹線英語、中国語放送スクリプト(On-train announcement of Kyusyu Shinkansen in English and Chinese)

新宿駅構内放送+成田エクスプレス車内放送(日本語、英語、中国語)スクリプト  Concourse announcement in Shinjuku.Sta+Narita Express on-train announcement(Japanese, English, Chinese)

東京モノレール、英語車内放送と中国語車内放送スクリプト(On-train announcement of Tokyo Monorail in English and Chinese)

近鉄タブレット車内自動放送、英語アナウンス、中国語アナウンススクリプト(On-train announcement of Kintetsu trains in English and Chinese)

Why can't they think about track-laying?

Production of next-generation Acela Express fleet underway

Rather than rolling stocks, Acela Express should think about newly constructing tracks only for high speed trains.
Conventional Acela Express trains have to run slower than its capacity, because North East Corridor is so busy that those trains cannot run rapider.

Why can people enjoy dancing and singing?

Hong Kong's wildest dining experience

Neither dancing nor singing is what I want to do.
Every time I was forced to dance or sing, I used to feel embarrassed.

Basically, I don't have good motor nerves. Then, it's not approximate for me to dance.
Furthermore, I can't sing in appropriate tone, just because I'm tone deaf.

Both of dancing and singing are nightmare.