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Why don't you have a ride on subway train crossing national border?

Singapore – Malaysia metro agreement signed

I couldn't imagine that Malaysian Railway in Singapore would end like this.
In order to increase capacity of transportation between Singapore and Malaysia, it would be better to replace the conventional unelectrified single track with the latest subway.

How do we get to the border subway?
Thomson-East Coast Line is expected to extend from downtown and to provide interchange station with the Malaysia-Singapore Subway.
So, TEL must be inaugurated before opening of the border subway.
Otherwise, Malaysia-Singapore Subway will be independent from the other rail networks.

I wish both of the subways would open securely.

Why is that country busy in building tourist's attractions?

Dubai Frame: Emirate's controversial mega structure opens

UAE builds attractive structures one after another to shift from its economic dependence on crude oil to on tourism.
Surely, artificial buildings may create buzz. But, the boom will soon be declined. So, the nation should think about how to maintain prosperity of tourism.
It's the most difficult issue, because that's also the problem for even countries which have much more tourist attractions.

Why don't you stop using straws?

The last straw: Is time up for this plastic relic?

Basically, straw is not necessary for drinking except for people who need one because of medical reasons.
But, there are still people who want to enjoy drinking with straw.
So, it will be a solution to serve straw as onerous one.
It will contribute to boosting sales, reduction of straw use, and can maintain pleasure of using straw.

I wish the movement of saving straws in Chicago and UK would prevail globally.

Why is the new metro line meaningful in rail-riched city?

Amsterdam completes Noord-Zuid metro line

Amsterdam has been famous for advanced transportation system. The city has complicated tram routes, metro systems, and NS suburban trains. Considering the population of Amsterdam is just over 2 million, it's worthwhile praising.
But, when it comes to northern part of Amsterdam Centraal Station, there had been no rail system.
In terms of serving the rail system in that part, the inauguration of Noord-Zuid Metro Line is important for the city.

Travel Diary to Russian city of Vladivostok was completed

Feel free to read it from the URL below.
http://special-rapid223.hatenablog.com/entries/2008/03/01#Travel top

Why do they want to overhaul the hotel?

The Fleming: New Hong Kong heritage hotel pays homage to Star Ferry

I've heard that travellers who used to visit Hong Kong many times would choose cheaper hotels in Shenzhen. That's because it's cheaper than staying in similarly graded hotels in Hong Kong, even if we consider transportation fare.
To make difference, it will be necessary for old hotels in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon to think about how to renovate them.