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Why do we have to be careful of high speed rail's environment?

High speed rail promoter Texas Central selects planning and construction contractors

I'm interested in where both of the terminals will be located.
Both of them should be connected with local trams and must ensure enough parking lots to leave cars for passengers.
Without them, high speed rail won't be useful.
So far, travel time between Dallas and Houston is 4 hours by car, and is expected to be 1 and half an hour with high speed train.
To let passengers invest 2 and half an hour, there must be various measures.

I'll back on August 17

Because I'm going on a trip overseas tomorrow, I won't have time to write something here.
No later than August 17, I'll be back here.

Why do they hate different religionists?

Faith, fury and fear: The story behind one of history's greatest mass migrations

To avoid oppression against different religionists, people in India and Pakistan tried to live separately.
On the other hand, in Singapore, immigrants are forced to live in specific area to keep racial diversity in each area. It aims to remove racial or religious prejudice by interacting with neighbors.

I wonder why Singapore's policy couldn't be effective in India and Pakistan.

Why don't you hop on African island's light rail?

Mauritius light rail contract signed

This is the first urban rail in islands of African nations.
Though I thought that the first urban rail would be constructed in Madagascar, the fact was that it was in much smaller island.
It's interesting that the island whose population is smaller than that of Japan's Okinawa will have the light rail system.

Why did he take vacations?

Why Trump vacation critics are dead wrong

What he said astounded me.
"if you like your job you don't need a vacation. "Don't take vacations,"

Similar statement was made by a president of the famous black company 'Watami', the food catering service in Japan.
He once said "You have to work for 24 hours each day and continue it for 365 days." in addition to Trump's statement.

What is worse, Trump took his vacation. It means he doesn't like his job, based on his statement.

ホアヒンのソンテウ路線図(Hua Hin Songtheaw Map)

Hua Hin Songthaew Map

Route 1(Green Line): Khao Takiab <–> Hua Hin Airport
Body color: green songthaews
Operation time : 6:00 ~ 21:00
Frequency: every 15 minutes
Fare: 10 baht(6:00~19:00)
15 baht(19:00~21:00)
20 baht(6:00~19:00, passing through Hua Hin Night Market)
25 baht(19:00~21:00, passing through Hua Hin Night Market)

Route 2(Red Line): Surround Inner City
Body color: red and white
Operation time : 18:00~21:00
Frequency : every 10 minutes
Fare: 10 baht

Route 3(Orange Line): Maegep <–> Makro
Body color: orange songthaews
Operation time : 18:00~21:00運行
Frequency: every 15~30 minutes
Fare: 30 baht(Entire route)
20 baht(Sectional use)

Route 4(Gray Line): Hua Hin Railway Station <–> Huay Mongkol
White songthaews
Operation time : 8:00~17:00
Frequency: Every 1 hour(Weekdays)
Every 40 minutes(Holidays)
Fare: 20 baht
40 baht(passing through Floating Market)