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Why is it happy for Kita-Ayase users?

Chiyoda Line branch runs through

I'm surprised at the fact that trivial rail news like this became world's rail news.
Compared with the conventional diagram that all of the trains departing from Kita-Ayase station bounded for the neighboring station, new diagram astounds passengers.

More than 7 destinations including Isehara, more than 60km away from Kita-Ayase were added.

Why is Dubai's biggest shopping mall attractive?


Just bricks and mortar shopping mall is no longer needed. As the US still experiences, flourishing online shopping ousted those kinds of shopping malls from the country. So, additional options will be needed for them to attract customers. Dubai Square Mall foresees it.
Though sudden installation of the cutting-edge technology will be criticized by elderly customers, Dubai won't be afraid the case. That's because explosively increasing population in Islamic area will spread markets of younger generations.

Why democratic countries are blessed?


Those who live in countries where people can vote for political candidates peacefully must notice how they are blessed.
Even in 21st century, there are a lot of countries where elections are not taken place or elections are not taken place fairly or peacefully.
Thailand is the last case. Intense conflict between people in countryside and urbanized area causes turmoil like bearing the military junta.
I can't come up with how to grow democracy in those countries and whether or not democracy is really suitable for them.

Why don't we take pictures of the stunning scene?

World's 10 most scenic airport landings for 2019

No matter how scenic they are, it's difficult to take pictures of then on board. That's because electronic devices are prohibited to use.
Though it's said to be true that electric signal emitted from those devices won't interrupt aviation devices, it will take a long time to allow all the passengers to use electronic devices when landing and taking off.

Why do many people scorn British food?


When I visited UK, I didn't think foods served in that nation was disappointing, except for mysterious food I ate in Lake District.
There, I ate salad with grilled fat. It was the oly time I felt disappointed with British food.
Though I didn't encounter most of the foods on the article, most of the foods there were as tasty as ones in other European countries.

Why isn't there breakthrough for altering crude oil?

Mexico's 'green gold': The company powering cars with cactus juice

Green fuel has been researched for a long time. I've heard that alga is an important resource for extracting oil. But, as far as I know, none of the technologies is used for mass-production.
I'm looking forward to seeing alternative substance for crude oil.