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Travel diary
My train photoes(more than 900 worldwide!)
List of my records
List of the visited stations

Why don't you indulge in your hobby on board?

Flight attendant photographs behind the scenes of Virgin America

Though it's impolite for her, I've heard that flight attendant is not treated as ideal occupation in Western countries. On the other hand, in Japan, it's one of the most respectable occupations.
That prejudice would have resulted that she was able to be a flight attendant, despite her art degree.
In Japan, it would be too difficult to be a flight attendant with art degree.

Anyway, I'd like her to enjoy flights. I'm envious of her opportunity to travel everyday.

Why don't you ride train only by credit card without queueing in front of ticketing machines?

When I read the title of the article, I thought that it just shows installation of IC card.
But, when you see the detail, you'll find that NFC reader currently accepts Visa cards.
So, you can pass the exit by credit cards without buying tickets. I guess Minsk is the first metro which installed the system that allows passengers to use credit card itself as if it's an IC card ticket.
I'm looking forward to seeing expansion of the system around the world.

Why can't I wait for releasing of rolling stock designs?


The article says "SG HSR and its Malaysian counterpart MyHSR Corp plan to call tenders later this year for the joint appointment of an Assets Company which would be responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining railway systems and rolling stock for the whole 350 km line."

So, Singaporean High Speed Rail company will own its rolling stock(s). I wonder if appearance of the rolling stocks will be different from those owned by Malaysian one.

Why the world's leader is changing?

Russia, China use UN stage to push back on a US-led world order

Trump thinks that his threatening attitude would be a dignity of the world's leader. But, actually, it's not the case.
His radical statements lost dignity of the US ,and presidential nomination of the country is even rumored to be controlled by Russia.
On the other hand, it's horrible that the world is to be governed by communist countries like Russia and China.

Why it's not the 1st replica of Venice?

Dubai plans floating replica of Venice with underwater deck

As far as I know, this is the 4th replica of Venice. Venetian Macau, Venetian Las Vegas, and Venetian near Hua Hin in Thailand are replicas of Venice.
But, my grand mother said " Canal in Venice smelled bad ,and then Venetian Macau would be better to go."
Is Dubai's floating Venice said to be such?
It depends on how to maintain it.

Why do they store money?

3 signs you're living beyond your means

Considering that 30% of Japan's citizens don't store money at all, while nearly half of the US citizens cannot keep a good balance between income and expense, Japanese seem to be good at storing money.
But, their style is not suitable for boosting economy. More money people want to save, less consumption there would be.