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Why don't you ignore 1 hour?

The world's most punctual airports and airlines for 2019 revealed

We should take it for granted that airplanes are to be delayed by 1 hour. By doing so, we won't be worried about departure time of connecting flights or schedules after arriving at your destinations.
If your flight is delayed by more than 1 hour, you have to take it as an unfortunate rare case.

Why was he saved?

Prince Philip was in a car accident but wasn't hurt

It's important for us to think about fail safe. It means the system that we won't be involved in serious accident, even if we make a mistake.
In this case, the driver caused car crashing accident. That's what he failed. But, as a result, no one was hurted in the accident. In other words, it avoided serious accident.

It's owing to durability of the vehicle, Though I don't know whether those who designed this know the concept of 'fail safe'

Why was the exposure of assault against her delayed?

Why a pop idol's stand against her assault sparked outrage in Japan

I think it's responsibility of her company to protect her from sexual assault. I guess when the company noticed the incident, they tried to conceal it to protect reputation their 'products', NGT48.
The company doesn't treat the members of NGT48 as human but as the tools to get money.
Its system is similar to black company issue in Japan.

Why don't you ride BART train to Silicon Valley?

BART Silicon Valley Phase II extension contract awarded

Oh, it's time to connect Silicon Valley and San Francisco with 2 railways, Caltrain and BART.
I guess one of the reasons why Caltrain is carrying out electrification is to be competitive with BART.
Without electrification, Caltrain will be inferior to BART in terms of journey time and train frequency.

Why is it horrible to experience government shutdown?

Passenger carries firearm through TSA screening at Atlanta onto Delta flight

Sudden shutdown of government affairs must have caused a lot of chaos situations in many places.
But, it's not good to shutdown affairs directly related with human lives.
For example, staffs working at hospitals across the US are kind of them. If there are dead victims by this accident, it will be treated as risky to see a doctor in the United States.

Why don't the US use apps for espionage?

University of California tells students not to use WeChat, WhatsApp in China

I'm interested in what kind of the application system is the evidence to be eavesdropped by Chinese Communist Party. I wonder why the United States can't use the same technology for espionage. Though it's difficult to carry out the same thing in Mainland China due to Great Fire Wall against apps invented in the United States, it would be possible in Russia to use the apps for espionage.