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Why do they want to solve by actual war?


I can understand that Trump doesn't care tensions between North and South Korea, since his home country is extremely far away from the disputing area.
But, what made us puzzled is that the prime minister of Japan and certain percentage of Japan's citizens don't worry about it, though the country is neighboring to Korean Peninsula. Rather than that, they hope extermination of North Korea by US attacks.
If US tries to bomber North Korea, it will affect a lot on Japan. Most of the international trade between Japan and other countries will be suspended by unsafe situations in Japan and S.Korea. And then, it will make food price skyrocket, because of lack of imported food.

Once war happens, it's difficult to stop, due to infinitively chained tragedy. That's what we should remember.

Why is it dangerous to use the same tooth brush for a long time?

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Tooth Brush Every 3 Months

When I saw a dentist today, she said "You should change your way of brushing tooth. Your current way won't remove plaque completely."
In addition to it, she recommended me to use dental floss to clean between teeth.
But, she said nothing about the frequency of changing tooth brush.
According to the article, it seems to be important to change Tooth Brush everu 3 months in order to keep bristles clean.
I realized that the brush kept with water and plaque will be the best place to reproduce germs. So, I make it a rule to change tooth brush more frequently.

List of urban railways without any urban rail system

Even in 2017, there are still a lot of mega cities which don't have any city rail.
I listed them up from the largest one. Populations include suburb cities'.
List of the metropolitan cities without urban rails

But, due to subway plans of these cities,
Lagos will be the 1st followed by Bandung, Luanda, Surabaya, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, and Riverside-San Bernardio in the near future.

Why does it cost a lot to build subways in old cities?

Shatin – Central project faces 23% cost increase

It's the first time for me to hear that construction work has increased its expense, due to archeological finding in Hong Kong.
On the other hand in Kyoto, Japan, the city is suffering from accumulated deficit caused by skyrocketed construction expense , due to investigation of archeological findings underground.

It seems to be troublesome to build subways in historical cities.

Why don't focus on the newest circular line?

First circular line in Chengdu opened as the trial operation. "Wisest Brain"

(Summary of the article)
9 o'clock on December 6th, Chengdu Metro Line 7 began trial operation officially. Total length is 38.6km.
Initial rolling stocks are 44 cars. And, each train consists of type A's 6 cars.
Trains are operated at 80km/h at maximum, which can transport the largest people per train in Chengdu.

When Chengdu planned to build the complete circular line(Chengdu Metro Line 7), it had responsibility to record multi "First" things. They are "The longest line" "The largest number of the stations" "The largest number of the interchange stations".

Chengdu Metro Line adopted single track operation system, which firstly creates new concept "inner/outer circle"
Inner circle trains rotate clockwise, while outer circle trains do counterclockwise.
(Translation ends)

Though it's the first circle line in Chengdu, it's the 4th circle line in China after Beijing Metro Line 2, Shanghai Metro Line 4, Beijing Metro Line 10.
So, it won't be difficult to carry out circular train operation.

Why are they constructing rail networks again in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles light rail extension groundbreaking

Urban Rail in Los Angeles once flourished as Pacific Electric Railway. Total length of the network reached 800km, which is more than quadruple of the current Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
If Pacific Electric Railway has remained as it was 100 years ago, most of the rail extension works around the city won't be necessary.