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Why do we have to pay attention to a radicalist?


Katsuya Takasu, Japan's authority of aesthetic surgery, praised Nazis for its contribution to medical issues, promoting sports, and supporting female and scientists.
At least, there would be some policies that made Germany better. But, that kind of contribution was spoiled by Holocaust. Even if Nazis' policies were great except for Holocaust, Nazis must be blamed for their ethically mistaken activities like massacre.
As well as praising, he said that Holocaust was fake news.

Though I don't know his real intention, he was brainwashed by historical revisionism. Otherwise, he want to draw attention by leaving radical statements.

Around the world, there are many people who feel sympathy with radicalists, because they assume radicalists are free from common sense ,and then would reform the conventional social system.
I guess it would be true, but "reform" means "deteriorate" instead of "improve".