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List of dialects by number of native speakers(世界の方言の母語話者人口順リスト)

I defined dialects as the language that is not authorized by local governments.
The number is based on English Wikipedian page of "List of languages by number of native speakers"
(The number of Osakan Language's speakers is based on population in Kinki Region)
(人口は英語版Wikipediaの「List of languages by number of native speakers」を参照。近畿方言(関西弁、大阪弁)は近畿地方の人口をそのまま当てはめた。)
English, French, German, Italic, Belgian, Russian dialects in colonized countries are excluded from the list.

Rank 方言 Dialects Spoken main cities native speakers
1st 上海語 Shanghainese Shanghai 80,000,000
2nd 晋語 Jin Chinese Taiyuan 48,000,000
3rd 湘語 Xiang Chinese Changsha 38,000,000
4th ラニ Fula language Abuja 24,000,000
4th オロモ語 Oromo language Addis Ababa 24,000,000
6th カン語 Gan Chinese Nanchang 22,000,000
6th 近畿方言(関西弁) Osakan Language Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto 22,000,000
8th セブアノ語 Cebuano language Cebu 21,000,000
9th サライキ語 Saraiki dialect Lahore 17,000,000
10th チッタゴン Chittagonian language Chittagong 16,000,000

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