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Hawaii's Trump travel ban ruling (full text)


It seems that the current US president is criticized by courts around the country.
At first, he said "All the Muslims must be banned from entry into United States." It obviously associates the specific religion with terrorists, which invades liberty of religion or beliefs. And, it ignores statistic approach. He should compare the possibility that muslims outside the US can immigrate to US and cause terrors with that muslims inside the country can cause terrors. The more strictly Muslim ban is strengthened, the former possibility will decrease, and the latter possibility will increase.
And, there is no data showing crime rate of muslims is significantly higher than that of non-muslims.
(But, considering the portion of Muslim population in the US, muslims' terror rate is 6 times as high as average)

If Trump is a smart economist, it should be easy for him to calculate which group is most likely to commit crimes.