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Why don't you ride a train running on a track bulit tens of minutes ago?

Without signalling system, Airport Train carried out trial running soon after completion of track laying

(Translation begins)
Airport Express is scheduled to begin operation between Sudiman and Soekarno Hatta International Airport on December 18.
The section between Sudiman and Batuceper is the same track as the conventional one. Newly constructed section branches from Batuceper and reaches Soekarno Hatta International Airport. For the time being, The train stops no intermediate station.
The operator is the subsidiary company of KAI, Railink. In Jakarta, puzzled by the heaviest trafiic jam in the world, it's not possible to estimate travel time between downtown and the airport. It often exceed 2 hours. In order not to be late for flight, we need to ensure sufficient time to get to the airport.
But, after completion of the Airport Rail, the travel time will be approximately 1 hour. Though punctuality of the train is doubted because it's trial opening and we're afraid that the train will run in the congested diagram, it will realize hope of airport users.


When the editor walked along the track, airport-bound track was disrupted at the point which is 3 km away from Batuceper station. It means initial operation will be done by single track between Batuceper and the airport, though it was planned by double tracks.
As I walked more along the track, overhead catenary laying was proceeding.


Even, when processor car was running before trial train, the car touched the platform, so track-shifting was done even after the first train was departing from Sudiman.

(Translation ends)

Because the article is written by Japanese editor, it includes irritation against repeated postponement of the rail and lack of preparation toward inauguration.
But, it often happens in South East Asia, due to various reasons. investors have to foresee such accidents.