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Why don't you ride a newly launched express?

Tobu Railway annnounced operation of express serivice on Tobu Noda Line after spring in 2020
(Translation from the article is below)

After spring in 2020, Tobu Railway annnounced operation of express serivice between Funabashi and Unga via Kashiwa on Tobu Noda Line, nicknamed "Tobu Urban Park Line". After timetable revision on March, 2016, Express service began between Omiya and Kasukabe.
Though most of the train operations are separated at Kashiwa, the newly launched express will run through Kashiwa.

Tobu Corp. annnounced the document named "Tobu Group Mid-term Plan" on November 10. It's the summary of the current situation of the plan announced on April this year. And, it introduces the improvement of rapidity of Tobu Urban Park Line, including double tracking between Mutsumi and Sakasai.
(Translation ends)

Though aging society and low fertility rate have been issues in Japan, Population in Tokyo Metropolitan Area is estimated to increase even in 2020.
So, railway companies in the area still intend to strengthen infrastructure.