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List of busiest stations in United States

Here is the ranking of US stations by ridership.
Data was collected in 2016 or 2017.
If a station doesn't have data of off-passengers, the number of on-passengers is doubled.

Rank/順位 English City ppl/乗降客数 footnote/脚注
1st Penn New York 206,921 Sum of MTA, Amtrak, and Subway
2nd Times Sq-42 St New York 204,908
3rd Grand Central-42 New York 157,899
4th Union Chicago 127,233 Sum of RTA and L
5th 34 St-Herald Sq Chicago 125,355
6th 14 St-Union Sq New York 109,472
7th Ogilvie Transportation Ctr Chicago 101,214 Sum of RTA and L
8th 59 St-Columbus New York 74,572
9th Lexington Av-53St New York 70,606
10th Fulton St New York 69,444
11th Lexington Av New York 69,332
12th 86St New York 65,634
13th 47-50Sts-Rockefeller Center New York 62,693
14th Flushing-Main St New York 60,252
15th Chambers St/WTC/Park Place New York 55,683
16th South Station Boston 54,388 Sum of MBTA and Amtrak
17th 42 St-Bryant Pk/5Av New York 54,289
18th 74-Bway/Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av New York 51,285
19th 14St/6 Av New York 49,990
20th 7th/Metro Center Los Angeles 48,829
21st Embarcadero San Francisco 47,643 Not including MUNI
22nd Montegomery San Francisco 47,569 Not including MUNI
23rd Downtown Crossing Boston 46,956
24th Harvard Boston 46,398
25th Canal St New York 44,362
26th 14 St/8 Av New York 43,953
27th Union Washington DC 42,833 Sum of DC Metro and AMtrak
28th Jamaica Center-Parsons-Archer New York 42,261
29th Lake/State Chicago 42,058
30th Clark/Lake Chicago 41,786