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Why is it leagal?

Preparation for changing Japan's constitution includes strengthening the minister's power

(Translation begins)
 Liberty and Democratic Party's committee of promoting constitutional revision held a meeting for all the congressmen,
 and argued draft of 'Emergency Clause'. Okiharu Yasuoka, the chief of the committee, wants to prolong expiration of congressmen
when elections are difficult to carry out. And, atendees wanted to add "Strengthening the minister's power" to the clause, which had been
added to a draft summed up in 2012.
2012's draft include "the minister can deliver declarement of emergency when the biggest disaster or domestic war happens".

It allows the ruling party to prolong expiration of congressmen and the date of elections by special rules
, and the cabinet can submit the political order equivalent to the law. Restriction of human rights and property rights are also included.

Shigeru Ishiwa stated that the draft refers to the emergency case. It's required to preserve constitutionalism.
He also agreed with 2012's draft. Eriko Yamatani, the former disaster-prevention ministry, also agreed with it by saying
 "When Tohoku Earthquake happened, local politicians were worried about judgement case under restriction of human rights"

But, the draft was criticized as martial law by opposition parties. Especially, Komeito and Japan Restructuring Party are dubious about
expanding the minister's power and restriction of human rights.

Masahisa Sato, exective of the committee, said "we had better prioritize the issue of prolonging expiration of congressmen, considering schedules."
After the meeting, Yasuoka also said "We can not get to agreement about emergency clause with other parties. Realistic solution is to think about
prolonging expiration of congressmen".

On the other hand, the chief said "We would like to proceed tidy discussion to aim at submitting drafts of constitutional revision during the extra congress season".
(Translation ends)


It seems to be a way to dictatorship.
Especially, " the cabinet can submit the political order equivalent to the law"  violates the principle "the separation of the three powers"