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Why is the international high speed rail disrupted?

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high speed rail tender to be called this year

The trains on the high speed rail would be classified into domestic service, shuttle service, and international service.
Domestic service is the train stopping every station in Malaysia, and doesn't go through Singapore.
Shuttle service is the train moving between Singapore and its neighboring station.
International service is the train connecting Singapore and Malaysia without stopping at intermediate stations.
It means that passengers moving between Singapore and most of the intermediate stations have to change trains at Singapore's neighboring stations.

Its inconvenience is caused by Immigration system. To simplify it, Singapore station should carry out double inspection, which is Malaysia's and Singapore's.
For example, passengers going from Singapore to Malaysia should go through emigration check of Singapore and immigration check of Malaysia at Singapore station.
Then, there will be able to go directly from Singapore to intermediate stations without establishment of immigration systems in intermediate stations