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Travel diary on Dec 28, 2012

In the morning, I worked for part-time job. After that, I went home to prepare for traveling.
I left home around 15:30. I took Kintetsu Line and Nankai Line to reach Kansai International Airport.
From the airport, Korean Air flight took me to Gimpo International Airport. Though this is the 4th time I came to S.Korea, I've never been landed at Gimpo.
Despite the fact that my next flight for Manila departs from Incheon International Airport, I didn't head for the airport. It's because I wanted to complete the Seoul Metro Line 9 between Gimpo Airport and Gaehwa.
DSC_0516 posted by (C)gozami
At Gimpo, I found the gate for children, whose fare is free

What was fortunate for me was that Gaehwa station is on the ground floor, and platform screen doors are not installed in the station. It means that we can easily take pictures of trains on Line 9.
DSC_0523 posted by (C)gozami
The nameplate of Gaehwa station

Seoul Metro 9000series

I went back to Gimpo and was about to take Airport Railroad for Incheon. On the platform at Gimpo Airport, an interesting thing happened. A cabon crew who was on the same flight as me came into my sight on the platform. She got off at Unseo Station.

I got off at Incheon International Airport,and I slept on a coach in front of ticket counters.