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Blue express 'Shimakaze' will run on Kintetsu Line from the next March

Kintetsu announced that new express for tourists that would be introduced to Osaka-Namba〜Kashikojima and Kintetsu-Nagoya〜Kashikojima was named 'Shimakaze' ,and that the train would begin operation on March 21th in 2013. Various rooms such as spacious seats, Japanese style,and Western style are set.

Regular Shrine Removal, which is held once per 20 years, motivated Kintetsu to attract tourists

Regular seats are three-row independent seats which are wider than those of green cars in Tokaido Shinkansen. Real leather, electrically‐powered leg rest supporting calves, and electric points are also furnished. Passenger seats consist of Western style and Japanese style private rooms. We can enjoy well‐known local products at a cafe in the train. Two trains(Each train consists of 6 cars) will be introduced and they cost 3.7 billion Yen, which is 1.5 times as expensive as those of conventional express trains in terms of one car's price.

Citation: http://www.asahi.com/travel/rail/news/OSK201209280144.html

Kintetsu seems to aim at producing pomposity trains.