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Chinese crew rescued as boat burns in Japan

Citation: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/asia/story/chinese-crew-rescued-boat-burns-japan-20120928

It shows that Japan deals with diplomatic things as businesslike things, while China began to make it more strictly to inspect imported goods from Japan without any reason.
And the other surprising point is that Strait times*1 reported this news, which seems to give priority to Japan.
As far as I looked over the website, I felt that Strait times seems to support China's assertion, though Strait times intends to maintain neutrality.
I've already known that about 70% of Singaporean consists of people derive from China, and that some of them don't support Chinese politically. But, I think Singaporean's historical recognition on Sino-Japan relation is formed ambiguously because of distance from disputing islands.

*1:The press agency in Singapore. The linked webpage is also part of Strait times