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Small eater is a kind of fashion?

A researcher in my laboratory was on a date with his girlfriend. He ate small lunch at a stylish restaurant. Though she was satisfied with the lunch, he couldn't make his stomach full. So, he suggested that they go to another restaurant mainly serves rice bowls. Then, she began to worried about him, and said "You are still hungry?".
In order not to let her concerned about him, he lied by replying "Just a joke"

A girl whom I met in San Francisco also tried reducing her diet extremely.
Girls on a slimming diet are expected to think that eating less will result in slender bodies, and will be effective for attracting males.

In my opinion, Though I'm sure that extreme dietary restriction can make them slender bodies, extreme slender bodies are not always welcomed by males. As far as I'm concerned, I can't tolerate with the amount of food and I wonder that such a slender body can bear a child. Extreme dietary restriction which ignores doctor's instruction may cause the child to lack nutrition ,or to have disablities in the worst case. (I don't know how other males think about it.)