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A female advised me to change

I can't say who she is.

I: I'm a male virgin
She: Ah? What have you done? until now!
I: I don't know how to play with・・・
She: Uh, is there a club in your university? or didn't have a chance to communicate with females by invitation from your senior students?
I: I belong to a kind of circle. But, the problem is that no female is in the circle. And, no one around me took me to such a place
She: Really?
I: Yeah, about half of the males in my department are thought to remain virginity.
She: Those who major in science are awesome!
I: My parents are also concerned about whether I can marry
She: How about going to a sports bar. If you become in good terms with a female, you can ask her e-mail address. Otherwise, how about hitting on girls on the street?
I: Do you think I can do it?
She: No.
I: In the first place, I don't know how to make love.
She: You have to go to TSUTAYA(a rental video shop) and borrow a pornographic film.
I: I see.
She: And, prostitutes who are married women will also tell you how to make love. How about going to an adult entertainment facility which has ones
I: I see.
She: Though it costs you a lot, how about going to a soapland(where inserting one's penis is permitted)
I: Thank you for your advice.

Nothing was solved.