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AKB48 fan is considered to be a nerd?

A colleague in my part-time job said that he went to work at a power plant as an intern in Chubu region, Japan. There, he became in good terms with a worker. But, the worker said to him "You look like such a nerd as to devote yourself to AKB48."
The difference between my impression of nerd and the worker's impression of that is clear. The former is the one whose object of romantic interest is limited in anime characters, while the latter is the one whose object is expanded to AKB48, who aren't anime characters but real females. It is probably because AKB48 raised its popularity by increasing support of nerds.

But, at last, he became his boss's favorite worker and the boss invited him to a dinner party in which many beautiful girls were prepared.
I'm confident that the colleague will get a right to select girls to marry after going out into the world.