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Teaching fast becoming a choice profession in Malaysia

Citation: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/asia-news-network/story/teaching-fast-becoming-choice-profession-malaysia-20120912

Since most Malaysian citizens are supposed to speak 3 languages(English, Malay, and respective ethnic language), it would be busy for students and teachers to catch up with Malaysian way of the educational program.

By the way
According to my friend in my high school days, more and more graduates from my high school hope to become teachers. This trend may be derived from increasing concern about employment. Especially, graduates from the school are famous for low communication skills in Japanese high school. That is because the school is occupied by higher percentages of Otaku(Geek). Then, the trend is easily understood.
I wonder my high school is regarded as a disadvantageous academic career, because of its bad reputation.