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Travel diary on Sep 3rd

I slept on the plane and completely woke up above the sky of Japan.
A television in front of me showed the airplane flied over Pohang and crossed over Korean Peninsula.
The plane landed on Incheon. When I stood in a line in front of immigration inspection for only 5 mins. So, SFO, which had me wait 3 hours in front of immigration inspection, should learn this.

From the airport, I intended to walk to today's hotel. But, my heavy luggage discouraged me to walk all the way to the hotel. Then, I decided to go there by taxi. It costed me 4000 KWN to go to the hotel.
After wandering around HYATT hotel, I found the hotel and its reception desk.
An event happened. A staff at the desk didn't grasp my reservation. Because the staff could hardly speak English, I spoke Korean words by using my poor knowledge.
After a while, I became concerned about whether there is a room for me, I asked him "방 없어요?(Is no room available?)"
The staff said "방 잇어요(There is a room for you)" ,and invited me to the room.

I bought two rice balls and a lunch pack for dinner.
IMGP4149 posted by (C)gozami
Last dinner of this travel

17th day finishes