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Travel diary on Sep 2nd

I packed my baggage to leave the hotel ,and said goodbye to a roommate and the girl with whom I went on a trip yesterday.
The airporter bus came to the hotel and picked me up to SFO.

After reaching SFO and checking -in, I found that United States don't have immigration inspection for passengers leaving United States. But, before baggage inspection, I had my passport checked.
SFO shuttle in SFO, San Mateo, San Francisco, California, United States /Sep 2, 2012
Last train photo in this travel

I headed for a lobby to board Korean Air flight for Incheon. Then, Korean attendant checked passengers' boarding passes. Chinese elderly couples were also asked to show their boarding passes and passports. But, they didn't know the word 'passport' in English. With the help of other passengers, thay understood what 'passport' means.
I boarded the airplane.

Though I could see daylight outside the airplane, September 3rd came when the plane passed over International Date Line.

16th day finishes