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Travel diary from Aug 29th, 2012 to Aug 30th, 2012

Travel diary on Aug 29th, 2012

To go to Stanford University, we(I and my male friend) took MUNI N Line and Caltrain.
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Caltrain MPI MPXpress in San Francisco Station, San Francisco, California, United States /Aug 29, 2012
I didn't have time to take pictures of these express trains

IMGP4004 posted by (C)gozami

IMGP4010 posted by (C)gozami

IMGP4011 posted by (C)gozami

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IMGP4017 posted by (C)gozami
design of each station's nameplate is not integrated

In the Caltrain, an American passenger asked me whether I am a Japanese citizen or not, when he saw my guidebook whose title was written in Japanese language. Then, he sit on the seat in front of my seat. He said "My friend has gone to Japan, and works as a cook at a hotel in Osaka. And, I'm also a cook. These muffins are what I made today. Please help yourself." I ate one of them.

An accident happened. Though the nearest station of Stanford University is Palo Alto, we passed through the station and reached Santa Clara.
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail Low-Floor LRV near Mountain View Station, Mountain View, Santa Clara, California, United States Aug 29
Owing to my mistake, I was able to take the picture of this train

In front of Santa Clara station, we went to a cafe and I ate noodles.
We returned to Palo Alto by taking an express train which doesn't stop any station between Santa Clara and Palo Alto.
DSC_0530 posted by (C)gozami
Inside the train

From Palo Alto, we took a free bus named "Marguerite Shuttle", in which Wi-fi access is available. My friend said "How blessed those who have the highest academic careers are!"
We walked around the university. But there are few students in the university. It was due to summer vacation.
IMGP4043 posted by (C)gozami
facilities of Stanford University

IMGP4056 posted by (C)gozami
Online dating Web site seems to be common in Stanford University

We returned to Palo Alto to go back to San Francisco. A conductor of the train from Palo Alto to San Francisco was funny. He annnounced as if he had been drunken.

Travel diary on Aug 30th, 2012

I looked around clothing stores with my friend. But, I lost him at a clothing store. So, I decided to take MUNI lines by alone. At first, I took a train for Balboa Park via K line.
DSC_0533 posted by (C)gozami
Inside the MUNI Metro

DSC_0536 posted by (C)gozami
Balboa Park

DSC_0537 posted by (C)gozami
I found the grade crossing

From Balboa Park, I headed for Ocean Beach via J line and N line. On the way to Ocean Beach, I found a beautiful scenery at Right Of Way/20th St on J line.
DSC_0544 posted by (C)gozami
The scene

DSC_0548 posted by (C)gozami
At Ocean Beach, terminal section is a roop line

DSC_0549 posted by (C)gozami
Literally, Ocean Beach

At Ocean Beach, I took MUNI bus to go to SF ZOO, which is the terminus of L line. Most of the passengers on the bus were full of East Asian-American people and African-American people.

I got off near SF ZOO, and took L line for Van Ness.
At last, I ate dinner with Japanese man and woman.

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