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Travel diary on Aug 20th, 2012

I got up early because I noticed my cellphone had received an e-mail informing me of changes of my working time. I forgot the time difference between Japan and San Francisco.
Around 7:00, I went to the 1st floor to eat breakfast with my roommate. A few kinds of bread were on a shelf. I ate three slices of bread.

The roommate went out earlier than me. I did around 9:15, and met two men and two girls, whom I was made an appointment to meet at that time.
I walked to Van Ness station to take MUNI, a subway of San Francisco. Though I wanted to take pictures of the train I rode, I was ashamed to do so in front of handsome men and beautiful girls.
The train stopped many times before arriving at Montgomery. We got off at the station, and went somewhere.
Afternoon, I and two girls headed for a department building on Powell station. We ate lunch at the food court underground.

We returned to the hotel with dropping at a few stores.
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Movie of MUNI Metro

When I took pictures of streetcars running along Market street, the two girls also tried to take pictures of the trains with exclaiming "How cute these trains are!". Their reaction was opposite to what I had expected. I had thought they wpuld say "Wow, you are a train-spotter, a geek!"
After having a rest at the hotel, we enjoyed shopping in Japan Center, a district selling or serving Japanese contents. I wondered clerks at a store in Japan Center can speak Japanese.
IMGP3556 posted by (C)gozami
'Osaka way'?

IMGP3557 posted by (C)gozami
In the center of Japan Center

IMGP3558 posted by (C)gozami
five-storied pagoda

At night, we discussed job hunting at a restaurant. Finally, we concluded that sports-oriented men or women would get jobs easier than ordinary students.

3rd day finishes