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Sotetsu 20000 series train was transported to Kashiwadai Depot

The train has been manufactured for enabling Sotetsu to begin through service to Tokyu or JR after 2019. With conventional trains, it is impossible to run through these rail companies due to different signalling systems.

By the end of July, The fleet was manufactured
at Hitachi's Kasado Plant in Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi.
On August 1, it was transported from the plant to Atugi station's sidings.
At the rear end of the cars, Sou-nyan, the stuffed animal character of Sotetsu, was placed as if it was a train conductor.

On August 2, it ran through Sotetsu Line to store at Kashiwadai Depot.

It's impossible to see that, because it is strictly confined in train shed whose entrance is barred.

Why was it built?

How the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge changed China forever

In unstable cultural revolution era, they built the long bridge by themselves. It's the first surprising thing for us. The second one is that there were(are?) pedestrians' lanes on such a huge bridge.
I wonder if there were people who walked on the bridge as a commutation route in daily life.

Why was the most grotesque popsicle made?

These popsicles are made from polluted water

We tend to think water pollution is far from our lives. So, it is difficult to encourage people to keep river clean.
But, if what we eat is replaced with polluted water, it's a big issue, and would give us strong impression.
Considering that, popsicles made of polluted water can enhance environmental mind of us.

Why are they cool?

The world's coolest nationalities: Where do you rank?

This article includes 2 funny points. The one is that you can expect the coolest nationality at a glance of the top picture of the article, which shows samba dancers. Needless to say, the representation of Brasil.
The other one is that Japan, which boasts 'Cool Japan' ranks the 6th. So, it revealed that Japan is cool to an extent, if not the coolest one.

Why do they have to be doing research on monorails?


'Skytrain' they say has already been in use for nearly 30 years.
It's Chiba Urban Monorail, which adopts the similar system.

In addition to it, another type of the monorail has already been opened in Chongqing, China. The monorail trains were manufactured by Japan's HITACHI and China's CRRC Changchun.
Based on its history, CRRC Sifang should have known how to manufacture that type of monorails.

I don't know why CRRC Sifang is stick to development of the conventional monorail system.

Why do they omit catenaries?


1st Tram Line in Wuhan opened
By the way, trams without catenary seem to be popular all over the world.
It can be possible by store electricity on fleets.
I'm afraid that trams like that can run out electricity, if trams are stranded between stations due to accidents.
It should have been an advantage of electrified rail systems that carriages are supplied electricity almost permanently, even if they are forced to stop between stations for a long time.

In fact, when I boarded bus from Vancouver to Seattle, it broke down on freeway. And, the driver told passengers that air-conditioning system and toilet were suspended to save fuel.
(I offered him, when I wanted to use the toilet. Only while using, engine was kept running on.)

Why is there subway station in barren place?

China's metro station in the middle of nowhere

It's often the case with developing countries that subway lines open before development of land along the lines.
When Hankyu( Minoh-Arima Electric Railway in those days) opended rail line from Osaka to Kobe, it was fooled as 'Earthworm train', because it penetrated paddy field with straight rail. But now, cities along the rail line are so densed that there is almost no space to develop.

Within 20 years, Caojiawan station will track the same destiny.